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Humidifier Repair


High-Efficiency Humidifiers

Humidifier Repair from Inman Heating & Cooling

If you’re like most people, you run the heater during the winter. While this is an effective tactic in combating the cold, your HVAC system will strip your indoor air of moisture in the process, as seen here. This may lead to chapped lips, itchy skin, raspy coughs and other allergy or cold-like symptoms. 

Additionally, dry air may damage your valuable wooden furniture, flooring or walls, leading to expensive repairs, which can be combated by using quality humidifiers.

Get the Right Humidifier for Your Space

Many people are aware of the problem of dry air, but mistakenly purchase the first humidifier that fits their budget. Inevitably, units that are ill-fitted to humidify the space they occupy will leave you disappointed with the results. At Inman Heating & Cooling, we are experts at indoor air quality and are dedicated to bringing our experience to bear for you in choosing the perfect humidifier solution for your home or business. Our team will provide a free in-home estimate to evaluate and assess the right size humidifier for your home. 
When people think of a humidifier, they often think of a small machine that is plugged into an outlet and placed somewhere in the home. Although that is one type of humidifier, the humidifiers we proudly offer from Aprilaire and General are attached and run directly through your home’s furnace. These humidifiers can be included when you install a new furnace or added anytime after onto existing furnaces. The humidifiers we offer through Aprilaire and General are low maintenance, only requiring a filter changed every three-four years, are quick and easy to install, and come with a three year warranty.
Family enjoying their comfortable humidified home that was probably serviced by Inman Heating & Cooling in Columbia, IL
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