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We’ve already discussed the many benefits of radiant heat over forced air systems, but did you know you can make even better use of your boiler? In-floor heaters offer all the same benefits of traditional radiators, with the added advantage of a nearly homogeneous distribution of heat emanating from the ground up, with more info located here . This effectively eliminates cold spots in the house and allows lower overall heating temperatures to be used to create a comfortable indoor climate. 
Not only do in-floor heaters provide effortless, evenly distributed heated through out your home after installation, but the installation process itself is simple. It might seem like installing piping throughout your floors would be a hassle, but our team can easily install the in-floor heating system by conveniently going through small holes made through the ceiling in your basement. If you have new construction, we can install it during the building process itself.
To illustrate this point, air from a forced-air system may enter a room through the ducts at 140°, rise to the ceiling at 85°, then fall back down to the ground at 65°. On the other hand, an in-floor heating system can produce an even 78° from the floor itself, gradually cooling off as it reaches the ceiling. The difference in comfort and energy efficiency is dramatic, and you’ll thank yourself for your investment after years of quietly reliable service.

Full Support for In-Floor Heating Systems

Inman Heating & Cooling makes it easy to upgrade your flooring to provide the most efficient heating possible. Our in-floor heating systems fit nearly any type of flooring commonly found in St. Louis area homes and businesses, including carpet, tile, hardwood, and vinyl. You can rely on our factory-trained technicians to affect a seamless installation and to keep your system running great for years to come with routine maintenance. If something goes wrong with your boiler in the cold winter months, give us a call 24/7 for fast emergency callout service.

In-Floor Heating system installation from Inman Heating & Cooling in Columbia, IL
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