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Small Duct AC Systems
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complete small-duct cooling systems

Small Duct AC Systems for Sale

Traditional ductwork heating and cooling systems are large, expensive and difficult to install in properties with limited ceiling space. Oftentimes, home and business owners will have to shell out, even more, to remodel their interior spaces to accommodate adequate ductwork for their heating and cooling needs.
Inman Heating & Cooling seeks to remedy this situation by offering complete small-duct cooling systems that fit any property or budget.

Advantages Vs. Traditional Ductwork

High-velocity small duct systems are among the most energy-efficient HVAC solutions on the market. Requiring almost no built-in to install, small duct systems can be fitted to virtually any type of residential or commercial property. The operation is whisper-quiet and offers more excellent humidity controls at both ends of the temperature spectrum. Overall, small duct systems are the most modern forced-air HVAC solution currently available, and we’re proud to offer comprehensive sales, installation, maintenance and emergency repair services for our customers throughout Columbia, IL; Waterloo, IL and the surrounding area.

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